Calcium and Vitamin Supplements for Female; FAQs

Calcium is essential for bone well being and is essential for the functioning of the physique. In the event you don’t take sufficient calcium in your weight-reduction plan, your physique fulfils the demand by taking calcium out of your bones. Weight loss program performs a vital function to fulfil the calcium demand of the physique. Calcium dietary supplements are an alternate supply for calcium in case your weight-reduction plan shouldn’t be having sufficient calcium elements.

With Calcium, vitamin D can be crucial. Since vitamin D absorbs calcium should you didn’t get sufficient vitamin D you aren’t benefited from a calcium-rich weight-reduction plan or calcium dietary supplements. Collectively they work to maintain your physique functioning.

Calcium Dietary supplements are taken if you’re not getting sufficient calcium out of your weight-reduction plan. It’s essential get your investigations accomplished to examine the Calcium and Vitamin d in your physique. If you’re discovered poor, it is advisable to begin dietary supplements as an add-on to your weight-reduction plan, to fulfil the physique requirement.

Calcium Deficiency

Many individuals endure from calcium deficiency however usually are not aware of it for the reason that extreme signs begin in extreme circumstances.

Do you suppose you’ve calcium deficiency –

Do your nails, break steadily?

You get dental caries extra usually?

Do you suppose you’ve very gradual hair development?

In case your reply is Sure, you is perhaps affected by calcium deficiency which suggests you’ve much less quantity of calcium in your blood. And long run calcium deficiency might trigger extra extreme signs. Vitamin D is a crucial part when checking for calcium because it helps the absorption of calcium within the physique. So vitamin D dietary supplements are often part of calcium dietary supplements.

supplements for vitamin d deficiency
dietary supplements for vitamin d deficiency


Often, calcium deficiency doesn’t carry outstanding signs thus goes unnoticed. But when untreated for a very long time, it might trigger extra extreme signs like –

Frequent spasms within the muscle

Slow hair growth with thinning of hair

Brittle and weak nails that break extra steadily

Confusion and lack of focus

Numbness and tingling sensation within the fingers and ft

Fracture of bones extra steadily and simply

Fatigue and lightheadedness

FAQ’s – Calcium and Calcium Deficiency

Q1. Causes of calcium deficiency

Improper and insufficient weight-reduction plan is the main explanation for the deficiency. Really useful each day dose of calcium if not consumed within the weight-reduction plan, it might result in calcium deficiency. The opposite nutritional vitamins and minerals like vitamin d, magnesium additionally assist in calcium absorption thus fulfilling the physique’s necessities. Their deficiency additionally promotes general calcium deficiency.

Different causes are –

Well being issues like Hypoparathyroidism

Medicines like Diuretics and Proton pump inhibitors

Illiberal to lactose and dairy merchandise

Ladies who’re present process menopause


Q2. Day by day beneficial dose (RDA) calcium?

Age                         Males                Ladies             Pregnant and Lactating

19-50 years            1000 mg          1000 mg              1000mg

51-70 years             1200 mg          1200 mg                

70 years +                1200 mg           1200 mg              

Q3. What are the great Sources of calcium?

A calcium-rich weight-reduction plan consists of dairy and nondairy merchandise.

Dairy merchandise – Milk, cheese, yogurt, mozzarella, ice cream

Greens – Broccoli (1 cup ) has an estimated 60 mg of calcium

Fruits –  Orange (1 orange has 55 mg of calcium )

Beans – Soybeans, black beans, tofu

Seafood – Salmon, shrimp

Different sources – Almonds, sesame seeds

calcium and vitamin supplements natural
calcium and vitamin dietary supplements pure

This fall. Do you get sufficient calcium from meals?

Consuming a calcium-rich weight-reduction plan on each day foundation, fulfil the calcium necessities of the physique. Having not less than 2 to three servings of calcium-rich meals day-after-day prevents deficiency of calcium.

Q5. Connection between calcium and bone well being?

Once you get poor in calcium and usually are not taking a calcium-rich weight-reduction plan, to fulfil the demand, the physique takes calcium from bones to take care of wholesome and regular functioning. Bones are a storehouse of calcium and the physique doesn’t make calcium. When the requirement shouldn’t be fulfilled by means of weight-reduction plan, the physique in the end takes it from the bone thus making the bone weaker.

Q6. Who’s the precise candidate for calcium dietary supplements?

In case your weight-reduction plan shouldn’t be fulfilling the necessities, calcium and vitamin dietary supplements are thought of a really perfect choice. The one that is pure vegetarian, usually are not tolerant to dairy merchandise or are lactose illiberal, have weak bones, have undergone Gastro surgical procedures or having bowel points thus unable to soak up calcium, or are below steroid remedy from long run can take calcium dietary supplements below the supervision of their healthcare employee.

Q7. Ought to ladies take calcium dietary supplements?

Firstly, it’s best to attempt to fulfil the necessities by means of weight-reduction plan and life-style adjustments like train for strengthening bones. In case your physique is poor in calcium even after that you will need to go for calcium and vitamin dietary supplements below the steerage of a healthcare supplier.

Q8. What needs to be the each day calcium consumption for a girl ?

In response to the Nationwide osteoporosis basis, females aged 50 or youthful will need to have round 1000 mg of calcium each day and females older than that will need to have 1200mg of calcium each day.

Q9. Which calcium complement is finest – Calcium carbonate or calcium citrate?

Calcium carbonate is the most typical kind present in calcium dietary supplements. A complement may need each elements however calcium carbonate is in a better quantity in a lot of the dietary supplements. All the time examine the labels about how a lot calcium is current to fulfil your requirement.

calcium deficiency and calcium sources
calcium deficiency and calcium sources

Q10. What’s the dosage of calcium dietary supplements?

If you’re unable to fulfil the calcium necessities by means of weight-reduction plan and dairy merchandise, calcium dietary supplements as much as 500mg or much less a day are urged. 

Q11. Can you are taking calcium dietary supplements for kidney stones?

In response to few research, individuals with a historical past of kidney stones ought to attempt to keep away from calcium dietary supplements. Nonetheless, the danger is related to long-term calcium consumption. Lengthy-term consumption of calcium dietary supplements is related to excessive ranges of calcium within the blood, this might enhance the danger of kidney stones formation.

Q12. What’s the quickest manner to enhance calcium deficiency?

calcium and vitamin supplements for women
calcium and vitamin dietary supplements for ladies

If you’re lactose illiberal and unable to take dairy merchandise you may fulfil your calcium deficiency by taking 2 to three servings of calcium-rich meals like vegetables and fruit in your weight-reduction plan on each day foundation.

Q13. What’s the finest time to take calcium dietary supplements?

Calcium carbonate that’s current often in additional quantity in dietary supplements needs to be taken with meals as a result of it requires acid of abdomen for absorption of calcium. Calcium citrate might be taken empty abdomen or with meals each. However it’s advisable to not take calcium greater than 500mg at one time for higher absorption and advantages.

Q14. Does caffeine intervene with calcium absorption?

Caffeine might enhance the lack of calcium within the urine and reduce its absorption within the physique. If you’re having sufficient calcium by means of your weight-reduction plan or calcium dietary supplements, you don’t want to fret.

Q15. Relationship between calcium dietary supplements and bone well being in ladies.

If you’re a lady who’s above 50 years of age, not taking sufficient calcium in your weight-reduction plan, are in post-menopause state calcium dietary supplements are essential to take care of good bone well being and bone power. Calcium and vitamin dietary supplements assist to forestall osteoporosis (bone loss), weakening of bones, and forestall muscle illness.

Q16. How can I forestall osteoporosis?

Ladies are extra susceptible to osteoporosis. quantity of calcium and vitamin D consumption collectively assist in sustaining good bone power and forestall osteoporosis.

Q17. Calcium and vitamin D work collectively. How?

Calcium and vitamin D collectively are essential to take care of good bone well being and muscle power. Calcium maintains bone and vitamin D absorbs calcium. So collectively they work successfully. It is very important be aware, if you’re taking calcium however have a deficiency of vitamin D, the requirement shouldn’t be fulfilled.

vitamin supplements for females
vitamin dietary supplements for females

Q18. How a lot vitamin D ladies want every day?

Vitamin d consumption on common foundation is determined by age. Ladies as much as the age of 70 want 600 IU nevertheless ladies greater than 70 years of age want round 800 IU of vitamin D.

Q19. What’s the danger of taking an excessive amount of calcium.

If you’re taking a considerable amount of calcium on common foundation, it will increase the danger of kidney stones. Thus you will need to hold a examine on the quantity of consumption.

Q20. Does calcium upsets the abdomen?

If calcium bothers the abdomen and causes abdomen upset you may take calcium dietary supplements that comes with magnesium. Typically calcium might trigger constipation. Complement with magnesium would prevent constipation. It’s essential to drink loads of water to forestall potential unwanted effects like gasoline, bloating and constipation. Together with that if calcium carbonate shouldn’t be suiting you, you can swap to calcium citrate.

Q21. Unwanted side effects of an excessive amount of consumption of calcium dietary supplements.

Calcium dietary supplements may trigger constipation in some people. Nonetheless, consumption of very excessive doses of calcium or vitamin dietary supplements with a calcium-rich weight-reduction plan may additionally trigger kidney stones and enhance the danger of coronary heart assaults. However all of the proof doesn’t absolutely help this principle. However it’s suggested to observe the calcium consumption.

Q21. Drug interplay with calcium.

Massive doses of calcium trigger drug interplay with few medication. Some medication like tetracycline, calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, antibiotics like tetracycline, Thyroid drugs like levothyroxine intervene with absorption of those medication.

Q22. Hypercalcemia and its signs

Hypercalcemia is an excessive amount of calcium within the blood. Some individuals take an excessive amount of calcium that causes an irregular enhance in calcium ranges. Signs embrace nausea, vomiting, and confusion.

Q23. Are you getting sufficient calcium as per your age.

Some individuals don’t get sufficient quantity of calcium as per their age. It consists of girls and boys (adolescents) of age 9 to 13 years, ladies above 50 years, and males older than 70 years of age.  So the individuals of those age teams should hold a examine on their calcium consumption on common foundation.

Q24. If  I’m on the remedy of osteoporosis treatment, do you want calcium and vitamin D?

Taking an sufficient quantity of calcium and vitamin D together with osteoporosis treatment lowers the danger of fracture. If you’re not getting sufficient calcium out of your weight-reduction plan, suggestion is to have calcium dietary supplements.

Q25. Calcium and vitamin D3 manufacturers out there in India.

The dietary supplements simply out there on market are

Citracal + D, Os-Cal, Oyster Shell + D, Shelcal 500.

These are few good calcium and vitamin dietary supplements simply out there out there that may assist so as to add calcium to your weight-reduction plan.

In case you have any extra questions that you just need to ask about calcium dietary supplements or vitamin dietary supplements, tell us and we might shortly get the solutions for you.